How to Get Started

“I really need to get healthier, but I have no idea where to even start.”

Everyone has those moments. Everyone – even the most fit and healthiest people you’ve ever met.

If this sounds like you, Hale Marys Fitness wants to help. We have carefully designed our virtual plans to help you get started on your journey to healthier living in a way that will be successful.

Our BLUE Package is perfect for:

✨ Beginners looking to just get started

✨ Current exercisers wanting to switch up what they’re doing

✨ Advanced exercisers looking to add a few supplemental workouts to their current fitness routine

✨ Anyone who wants a challenging workout on their own time in the privacy of their home

Our GREY Package is perfect for:

✨ Beginners needing guidance setting goals and creating healthy habits

✨ Current exercisers who have plateaued in their fitness routines and need a little jump start

✨ Advanced exercisers wanting to fine-tune their current habits to them closer to their goals

Our SILVER Package is perfect for:

✨ Beginners who need individualized food guidance that aligns with their lifestyle

✨ Current exercisers seeking nutrition advice that helps them fuel their bodies better for working out and life in general

✨ Anyone who feels lost and overwhelmed by fitness and nutrition and wants individual support, guidance, and coaching

If you’re ready, reach out and take the first step!


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